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Location: Alberta
Project Type: Electrical Upgrade
Industry: Electrical Contracting

A 1.6MW Solution Supports an Electrical Upgrade in a Busy Downtown Core

Providing temporary power in downtown settings can be challenging – noise bylaws, heavy traffic and densely situated infrastructure all contribute to the puzzle. And the larger the project is, the greater the challenge can be.

There’s nothing the Trinity team likes more than a challenge.

So when a client came to us recently looking for a 1.6MW temporary power solution for a project located in a busy downtown core, we were excited for the chance to provide them with the turn-key solution that they needed.

Here’s how we did it.


The Client: A Top Contractor in Construction and Service Industry

With electrical contracting roots that stretch back nearly 60 years, this client now provides an extended array of services to clients across Canada. These services include building system integration, energy management, information management and security and risk management.


Power generator downtown

Their core values of integrity, hard work and giving back have earned them a strong reputation for delivering on their word and on their projects.


The Challenge: Switchgear Replacement in a Downtown Core

Our client was working on an upgrade project that involved replacing all of the switchgear in a large downtown building. Not only did they require 1.6MW of fail-proof temporary power, but they needed all of the equipment delivered after-hours due to the location of the building.


Our Approach: A Turn-key Solution and 24/7 Support

At Trinity Power, we can source as much or as little equipment as you need. But one thing that sets us apart is our ability to deliver complete, turn-key temporary power solutions that will satisfy all of our clients’ requirements.


Transformers and distribution

On this project, the solution we provided included:

We also worked collaboratively with our client to parallel the generators and to provide fuel service for the duration of the project.


Temporary power equipment in a square downtown.

The Result: A Successful Project And a Happy Client

Thanks to the turn-key solution and ongoing support provided by the Trinity team, our client was able to successfully replace the building’s switchgear while maintaining its full power and functionality.