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A Leader in Customized Electrical Power Solutions

Trinity Power, a Sunbelt Solomon Company, offers a vision to be the leading provider of customized electrical power solutions and services. With 100 years of combined experience, we have expanded our products, services, and reach through the addition of strategic business partners. Our continued growth is imminent as we boldly innovate solutions for utility, industrial, and commercial power applications.

As a large organization, it is our responsibility to maintain ethical practices to ensure a healthier environment. It’s not enough for us to follow laws and environmental regulations. Our goal is to actively work to help make the planet a better place for us all.

In developing our core business values, we engaged in a thoughtful process that incorporated the combined principles of our family of companies and reflects our commitment to valuing our history and investing in our people, services, and products.

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Our Vision: To be the leading provider of customized electrical power solutions and services.

Purpose: To enhance the lives of our team members and partners through sustainable products and services in the communities we serve.

Mission: Through our culture of integrity, bold innovation, and customer-centricity we create value for our team members with safe and reliable electrical power solutions and services.

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People: The core of our success

Safety: It’s in our DNA

Strategic: We forge our own future

Sustainability: Industry leaders in power distribution lifecycle management

Performance: Delivering excellence at every opportunity

Sunbelt Solomon - Vision, Purpose, & Mission

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