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Equipment specification range may include:
  • kVA Range: 500kVA to 2500kVA
  • Primary Voltage Range: 12.5kV to 25kV 3Ø
  • Secondary 3Ø Voltage Range: 120/208V, 277/480V and 347/600V
  • Primary Protection: Load Break Switch with Fuses or HV Circuit Breaker
  • Secondary Protection: Adjustable Low Voltage
  • Main Breaker and/or Multiple Fused Switches or Breakers
  • Hardwire and/or Camlok Cable Connections
  • NEMA 3R Rated


1What types of packaged substations do you offer for rent?

Trinity Power offers a wide range of packaged substations. Our team of temporary power specialists will help you determine which size works best for your upcoming project.

2What voltage levels are available for the packaged substations?

The voltage levels of the packaged substations we offer ranges from 12.5kV to 25kV 3Ø.

3Can you assist me in determining the appropriate size and configuration of the packaged substation for my specific project requirements?

Yes, Trinity Power can assist you in determining the appropriate packaged substation based on your project requirements.

4Do your packaged substations come with transformers, switchgear, and other necessary components for a complete power solution?

Our team will ensure that your packaged substation rental will be tailored to your meet project's needs, which includes having all of the necessary components.

5Do you offer delivery and pickup services for the rental packaged substations?

Our team also has the knowledge and experience to partially or fully manage on-site services related to the rental including packaged substation delivery and pickup.

6What is the process for maintenance and repairs if the substation experiences any issues during the rental period?

Our team has the knowledge and experience necessary to manage on-site services related to equipment rental, including maintenance and repairs.

7Do you offer on-site technical support for the installation and setup of the packaged substation?

Yes, our project managers are temporary power specialists. They provide on-site technical support for getting your substation set up along with other on-site services.

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