AC, DC Resistive & Reactive Load Banks For Rent

Load Bank Rental Testing And Commissioning Solutions

for industrial and commercial applications


10kW 5000kW


  • 208V, 480V, 600V, 4160V and 13800V
  • Hardwire and/or camlock connections
  • NEMA 1 and 3R options
  • Auto and manual configuration

Resistive and reactive load banks are used to validate your plant’s critical power systems in a controlled environment. Using a load bank to test your backup generator or UPS system is capable of full load demand during emergency power scenarios is a key step to mitigating costly downtime. Trinity Power will procure the right resistive or reactive load banks that match your load, location and project timelines.

Validate Critical Loads

Our team is standing by to assist

  • Generators
  • Turbines
  • UPS Systems
  • Field Testing
  • Wet Stacking
  • Switchgear Validation
  • Battery Discharge


Our load bank broker model grants us access to the largest fleet in Canada. No location or inventory limitations.

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We are among our load bank rental partners' top customers. We receive inventory and pricing information fast.

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Over 21 years delivering nationwide temporary power solutions in industrial and commercial sectors.

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We offer concept-to-completion services that help facilitate full project scope planning and execution.

We Deliver The Right Load Bank Rental Solution,

tailored specifically to your business needs


Much like generators, we made a decision a long time ago not to include load banks in our inventory and for one reason. It allows us to deliver our customers the right solution. When you have strong relationships and history with leading load bank rental companies across the nation, you do not have to compromise because of inventory or location.

This network of highly valued partners allows us the flexibility we need to design and present a plan that best fits your project requirements, timelines and budget.


Trinity Power has the means to support you well beyond your load bank testing applications. With a vast inventory of low and medium voltage transformers, distribution equipment and access to a massive distribution network of generators, all your temporary power equipment needs are taken care of.

Furthermore, our team of Project Managers can partially or fully manage any on-site services you may require such as:

  • Installation and demobilization
  • On-site maintenance
  • Operation of the load bank
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For your planned and
emergency power needs





1What types of load banks do you offer for rent?

Trinity Power offers both resistive and reactive load banks for rent.

2What is the power capacity range of the load banks you provide?

The power capacity of the load banks we offer ranges from 10 kW to 5000 kW.

3Can you assist me in determining the appropriate load bank size and type for my specific project requirements?

Yes, Trinity Power can assist you in determining the appropriate load bank based on your project requirements.

4What voltage and frequency options are available for the load banks?

We provide load banks with voltage options including 208V, 480V, 600V, 4160V, and 13800V.

5Do you offer delivery and pickup services for the rental load banks?

Our team also has the knowledge and experience to partially or fully manage on-site services related to the rental including load bank delivery and pickup.

6What is the process for maintenance and repairs if the load bank experiences any issues during the rental period?

Our team has the knowledge and experience necessary to manage on-site services related to equipment rental, including maintenance and repairs.

7Do you provide technical support or assistance with the installation and setup of the load bank on-site?

Yes, our project managers are temporary power specialists. They provide on-site technical support for getting your load bank set up along with other on-site services.

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