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Location: Ontario
Project Type: Emergency Power
Industry: Emergency

An Emergency Solution Allows a Speedy Return Home for 175 Condo Residents

At Trinity Power, we often respond to emergency power outages at industrial and commercial sites — situations which can lead to businesses losses if they aren’t addressed quickly. But residential outages can be equally serious, with residents unable to use their homes until power is restored.

A recent project highlights the urgency of residential outages for both residents and business owners — not only were 175 residents at risk of being displaced, the building’s owner risked business losses if the situation wasn’t remedied quickly.

Here’s how Trinity responded.


The Challenge: Water Damage Meets Distribution Equipment

When a water leak penetrated an electrical room in a four storey condo building in Ontario, the building’s distribution equipment took the hit.


Temporary power distribution equipment at condo tower.

With 175 units powerless and the province of Ontario under lockdown orders, the building’s owner — and its residents — needed power restored to the building as quickly as possible.


Our Approach: A Full-Service, Hands-On Response

As soon as the call came in, Trinity sent a team to the site in order to determine the best approach. Within an hour, we had a quote ready along with a single line drawing showing our client where to place the equipment on site.

We provided:


Lot's of cable on a street.

In addition to providing the equipment, we worked with the generator vendor to have 4 generator technicians assist with running cables and starting up the generator. We also coordinated after-hours delivery to the site as well as fuel delivery.

No stone was left unturned in terms of equipment or service.


The Result: A Crisis Averted for Residents and Owner Alike

Thanks to the Trinity team’s quick and multi-faceted response, the condo building’s power was restored quickly, allowing residents to return to their units with minimal disruption, and giving the owner time to arrange the best solution for repairing the building’s damaged distribution equipment.

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