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Location: British Columbia
Project Type: Backup Power
Industry: Electrical Contracting

Backup Power Ensures Smooth Sailing for a Shipping Terminal Project

When the power goes down at a shipping terminal, the number of businesses and consumers that can be impacted is especially high. It is a ripple effect that can be felt far and wide.

That’s why, when a client was hired by a BC shipping terminal to oversee the rerouting of some of their underground cables, they turned to Trinity Power to deliver a fail-proof backup power system; an outage was absolutely not an option.


The Client: A Family-Owned Electrical Services Provider

This family-owned electrical, lighting and technological services provider has been serving the needs of their customers in BC since 1986.

They specialize in complete, custom electrical installation solutions, including building controls automation, lighting systems, networks & infrastructure, and more.


The Challenge: A Fail-Proof Backup Solution for a Busy Shipping Facility

With an expansion project underway at a shipping terminal near Vancouver, our client was hired to oversee the rerouting of some underground cables. In order to ensure that operations would be able to continue as usual at the busy facility should anything go wrong, they needed a 1500kV backup solution at 12.47kV to create redundancy.


Technician standing by a generator


Our Approach: High Quality Equipment Paired With Great Service

Trinity Power is more than just a vendor – we partner with our clients to deliver complete solutions. In this case not only did we provide our client with the equipment they needed, we also created single line drawings to allow them to see where the equipment would be set up, and coordinated with our generator vendor to have a technician on-site to set up the controls and ensure the generators were paralleled correctly and functioning optimally.

On the equipment front, we worked with a vendor partner to supply a 1000kW and a 500kW generator at 600V, set up to run in parallel. We also provided a 2500kVA transformer at 600-12.47KV, as well as the single conductor 4/0 camlok cable required to connect it to the generator. Finally, we delivered three 275 foot lengths of single conductor MV (15kV) cable to feed the load from the secondary side of the transformer.


Temporary transformer on site.


The Result: A Seamless, Stress-Reducing Backup Solution

With the backup power system installed and ready to go at a moment’s notice, our client was able to complete their project with the peace of mind that comes from knowing power will be there when they need it.

For our part, Trinity was able to add another successful project to the story of our relationship with this longstanding client.

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