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Location: Ontario
Project Type: Emergency Outage
Industry: Emergency

An Emergency Solution Keeps High School Classes In Session

While many high school students might celebrate unexpected time off from school, the same can’t be said for the teachers, school administrators or school boards who are responsible for providing a high quality education for their students.

That’s why, when a private high school in Ontario experienced an emergency outage, the school board wanted power restored to the building on time for the first bell on the following day.

Not only does Trinity Power believe in the importance of education, we also believe in responding to our clients’ emergencies quickly, effectively and professionally. So when the call came in, we got to work immediately.


Temporary power equipment getting offloaded.

The Client: A North America-Wide Multi-Trade Industrial Contractor

With locations across North America, this client is an industry-leading industrial contractor. They employ over 1,000 individuals and provide comprehensive mechanical, electrical and civil trade services.

Their commitment to safety and quality have served this client well – this year, they celebrate their 60th anniversary.


The Challenge: An Electrical Room Leak Threatens School Closure

The school’s electrical room had experienced a leak, which had damaged the main distribution board. This had caused an emergency outage, threatening a school closure.


An electrical distribution board.

Our client had surveyed the damage, and promised the school board that classes would be able to resume as usual the following morning.


Our Approach: A Fast and Thorough Response

Because of our complete portfolio of 24/7 emergency response projects, we have the process down to a science.

Within one hour of the initial call, we were able to provide our client with a complete formal quote; and within 5 hours, equipment was arriving on site.

The temporary power solution that we delivered included:

For the Trinity team, emergency response doesn’t end with sourcing equipment. We also delivered the equipment to and from the site, including supplying a forklift for offloading.

In order to ensure the generator ran efficiently and without interruption, we provided refueling services and developed a fuel delivery schedule that would minimize our client’s fuel expenditure while keeping the generator fueled appropriately.


The Result: A Promise Kept

Thanks to Trinity Power’s 24/7 emergency response, our client was able to keep their promise to restore power to the school in time for classes to resume as normal the following day.

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