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Location: Alberta
Project Type: Distribution
Industry: Construction

Trinity Solution Powers a Major Construction Project Through Multiple Phases

As major construction projects progress, so do their temporary power and distribution needs. This can be a challenge for contractors who need to procure the right amount of equipment for an ever-changing job.

The Trinity team knows what it takes to power construction projects through multiple phases and is well-versed in designing solutions that will deliver on our clients’ requirements both now and down the road.

A recent project showcases Trinity’s expertise in building and delivering adaptable solutions.


The Client: A Family-Owned Electrical Contractor

A family-owned business for 45 years, this client is one of the largest commercial electrical and solar contractors in Alberta. Built on the values of high quality, great service and sustainable business practices, this EC has established many loyal and longstanding relationships with their customers. The industries they serve include healthcare, transit, vertical construction and more.


The Challenge: A Multi-Phase Construction Project

As the Electrical Contractor for a 2.2 million square foot planned community construction project, our client needed a 1600A 600V distribution system to deliver power to the site. As it was early on in the project, they needed a main distribution panel that would be able to feed multiple satellite panels as the construction progressed.

They knew that Trinity Power has the equipment and the expertise to deliver the best solution, so they gave us a call.


Our Approach: A Full-Service Solution

Along with a 3000A 600V I-line panel that would be able to house the large number of breakers needed to power the system, the Trinity team also provided a set of single line drawings detailing the layout and connection points of the distribution system. Single line drawings allow clients to quickly and easily see where equipment is located for installation, connectivity and troubleshooting reasons. In this case, it also allowed our client to easily identify the temporary power equipment that would be required as the construction progressed.


The Result: A System That Will Grow With the Project

With the main electrical distribution in place, our client was able to begin construction. And thanks to the system’s easy-to-follow layout, making adjustments to accommodate new requirements as the project rolls out will be straightforward and seamless.

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