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    Location: Ontario
    Project Type: Distribution
    Industry: Emergency

    A Failed Auto Plant Transformer Leads to a Rapid After-Hours Response

    Unplanned outages can happen at any time. That’s why Trinity Power offers 24/7 emergency response services. Our extensive network of vendor partners, knowledgeable temporary power experts and fine-tuned approach allow us to quickly source the best equipment for the job, no matter the time or the day.

    A failed transformer at an automotive plant was exactly the kind of challenge that Trinity’s emergency response was designed to meet. And the Trinity team came through, with a solution that saved the day and kept temporary operating costs as low as possible.


    The Client: An Experienced Electrical Contractor

    Offering services that include major equipment retrofitting, commissioning and electrical maintenance, this client has been a go-to technical services company in Ontario for the past 16 years.
    They are an experienced team, dedicated to providing excellent customer service and high quality parts and equipment.


    The Challenge: A Weekend Auto Plant Outage

    The call came in over the weekend: an Ontario-based automotive plant specializing in the development and production of complex metal and hybrid structures was experiencing a power outage because of a failed transformer. They initially requested a mobile generator to get them back online quickly and to keep things running reliably until they were able to source, deliver and install a new transformer – not a quick job in the current climate.


    Transformer and cable on truck.


    Our Approach: Partnering With the Best

    As soon as we received the call, the Trinity team lept into action. The first order of business was to connect the plant manager with one of our trusted partners – an experienced technical services provider. This partner made a site visit to the plant, assessed the situation, determined the equipment requirements and, later, installed the temporary solution that Trinity provided.

    Although the initial request was for a generator, the Trinity team determined that a temporary transformer would be a more cost-effective and sustainable solution. We worked with our project partner to source and install a 2500kVA 27.6kV-600V transformer, 130 feet of pre-terminated 28kV teck cable and 50’ of LV camlok cable.


    A crane lifting a large transformer.


    The Result: A Quick, Sustainable Solution

    Thanks to Trinity’s quick response and solid working relationship with our EC partner, we were able to provide a cost-saving solution that allowed the auto plant to resume their operations in a timely manner.

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