This summer, our fleet has welcomed an exciting new addition: a 2500/3125kVA multi-tap transformer.

Whether the permanent transformer at your site has failed or you need to replace it in order to perform maintenance or upgrades, this unit makes connecting temporarily to utility or distributed (ie: generator) power a time-effective and safe process.

What’s Unique About this Transformer?

This transformer was designed with the rental market in mind. It can handle any primary voltage requirement between 12.5kV and 35kV, making it compatible with an array of utility voltages feeding manufacturing buildings, office and residential towers, and any other facility or equipment that has medium- to high-voltage requirements. This includes utility voltages such as 26.7kV, popular in Ontario.

Transformer taps and lever.

It is also:

  • Able to step up or down – transform generator power up to primary voltages or step down utility to 480V or 600V
  • Compatible with camlok or hardwire connections – we can add tails to speed up site installation
  • Impedance matched – pair these units to further increase capability
  • NEMA 3R rated – it can handle harsh outdoor elements
  • Protected by a rugged steel frame with forklift pockets – with a large forklift, move it around the site with ease

Versatility Matters

Of all our distribution and protection fleet, this transformer is quite possibly our most versatile piece of equipment – you could call it the Swiss Army Knife of transformers. Part of the reason for this versatility is muti-tap engineering, which provides flexibility in the unit’s input and output voltages.

Multi-tap voltage chart.

Because this transformer is so versatile, it’s the ideal piece of equipment for a wide variety of temporary power applications, from planned shutdowns to building restorations to large plant operations. Its flexibility allows for quick deployment, making it an excellent solution for emergency situations.

This unit can be used to step up generator voltage to utility levels or connected to utility power to step it down, eliminating the need for a generator; and if you’ve ever fueled a generator, you know that removing one from the equation can add up to a significant cost savings.

How Could This Transformer Impact Your Project?

Because of its versatility, useability and potential for savings, we expect this unit to see high demand across a wide variety of projects and applications. How might it impact your upcoming project?

To learn more about our new 2500/3125kVA multi-tap rental transformer, call 1-888-758-4646 to speak to one of our temporary power experts today.