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    Location: Ontario
    Project Type: Distribution
    Industry: Emergency

    Flooded Building Requires 18 Floors’ Worth Of Emergency Distribution

    When an emergency happens on a large scale, the challenges in responding quickly become magnified by the sheer volume of equipment that is required to adequately respond to the situation.

    One of the things that makes Trinity’s power broker model so effective is that it gives us unparalleled access to inventory. We are working not only with what’s in our yard, but with what’s available from rental partners across North America. And because of the network we’ve built, we are often already aware of what equipment is available where before we need to go looking.

    So when a large-scale emergency situation like the one we encountered recently happens, we are able to respond rapidly – in this case, delivering 2.5MW and 18 floors’ worth of distribution equipment in under 48 hours.



    The Client: An Experienced Restoration Business

    This client is a Canadian restoration company that provides subcontracting services across North America. They support their customers in providing essential restoration services, including drying, EQ rentals, document recovery, building demolition and more. They also provide rapid emergency response for situations such as flooding, fires, asbestos and mold.


    The Challenge: Flooding On 18 Floors

    A newly constructed residential building encountered a major setback when one of its water pipes burst. Luckily, the building wasn’t yet occupied. Unluckily, the burst pipe caused flooding on all 18 floors, requiring an emergency restoration response to avoid costly delays.

    Our client was called on to support an emergency restoration of the building, and to do that, they needed distribution. In order to run 1800 air movers and 72 2000 CFM negative air machines, and to perform 7 million BTU of thermal drying, our client had already acquired generators to produce 2.5MW of power.

    They called on Trinity to provide the distribution equipment they needed to send 480V and 120/208V power to every floor.




    In other words, they needed a large volume of equipment on a very tight timeline. Trinity was up to the challenge.


    Our Approach: A Big Delivery on a Small Timeline

    Working with our client, the Trinity team designed a temporary solution that would meet their requirements. And to source the equipment required quickly, we procured items from both the Trinity fleet and that of our rental partners.

    This equipment included:

    In addition to sourcing the equipment and handling the logistics of its movement to and from the site, Trinity supplied our client with single line diagrams that showed the equipment and cable layouts, which the installation crew was able to use as a quick reference resource.


    The Result: A 48 Hour Turnaround

    Thanks to the quick work of the Trinity team and our power broker model which gives us extensive access to a huge inventory of temporary power and distribution equipment, our client was able to begin their work within 48 hours, allowing the building’s owner to resume business as soon as possible.

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