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Location: British Columbia
Project Type: Distribution
Industry: Emergency

A Same-Day Delivery Supports a Cement Plant Emergency Response

For industrial facilities encountering an unplanned outage, time equals money, which is why we have designed our emergency response to be an exacting instrument to combat business loss. A recent fire at a cement factory was the latest battleground to test the Trinity team’s expertise, inventory and speed. With a same-day solution,

Trinity Power prevailed – but the real winner was our client.


The Client: An Established – and Innovating – Electrical Contractor

In operation for nearly 50 years, this client is one of BC’s largest Electrical Contractors. Their broad scope of service includes high voltage substations, industrial projects, controls and automation, communications and more. With an emphasis on ingenuity, this EC has built a stellar reputation for successful completion of large, complex electrical projects.


The Challenge: A Cement Plant Fire Damages Vital Cables

Early on a Thursday afternoon, one of the biggest manufacturers and suppliers of construction materials in Canada experienced a fire at one of their industrial sites – a cement plant in Metro Vancouver. Multiple electrical cables feeding the facility were destroyed by the fire, causing an emergency outage, and our client was called in to manage the situation.


A power cart inside a cement plant


There were several different areas of the facility that required emergency power, each with its own unique requirements.
To power the site’s lighting, cell towers, elevator and hoist, as well as to provide construction power for their repair crew, our client needed an emergency solution.

Trinity Power was ready to act.


Our Approach: A Fast, Focused Emergency Response

Using information provided by our client, Trinity’s emergency response team got to work immediately to design a best-fit solution for each area of the facility, based on demand and the type of equipment that would require power.

In order to get the first area up and running as quickly as possible, Trinity delivered a rush shipment of 500 feet of 4/0 camlok cable with tails.
While this initial delivery was in transit, Trinity techs were at work in the shop prepping the rest of the distribution equipment that would be needed on site for construction power and lighting.

This included:

To feed power to another area of the facility, Trinity also provided 100ft of 152A cable and tails paired with a 400A 600V suitcase-style panel with a 60A breaker to protect the load on site.


A panel inside a cement plant


The Trinity team ensured that all of the equipment we provided was set up in a plug-n-play format to facilitate a fast installation. Further supporting a speedy set-up was a single line drawing created by one of Trinity’s temporary power specialists that would act as a reference for our client.

Everything was delivered by late afternoon of the same day the Trinity team received the call.


The Result: Power Restored Within Hours

Thanks to Trinity Power’s lightning-fast emergency response efforts as well as the attention to detail given by our experienced and knowledgeable team members, our client was able to restore the facility’s operations while simultaneously powering the work required to repair the damaged equipment, proving it is possible to win a two-front war.