The move promises expanded services for customers across North America

When Todd Johnston founded Trinity Power Rentals nearly 23 years ago, it was on a foundation of providing the best possible customer service along with the most comprehensive equipment options available. As the Trinity team enters the next phase of its evolution, these values are at the core of its growth.


Trinity Power Rentals and Sunbelt Solomon announced a merger today that will see the two companies combining forces to expand their services across North America.


The merger will not only enable Canadian and American customers to access the best that both Trinity Power and Sunbelt Solomon have to offer, it will also generate the largest temporary power rental fleet of transformers and ancillary switchgear in North America.

A Natural Fit

Trinity Power Rentals and Sunbelt Solomon have a long and unique history as each others’ customers, vendors and even competitors. Throughout this relationship, a strong culture of mutual respect and collaboration has developed.

The companies’ shared history and values, as well as their complementary services and offerings, make this merger a natural fit.

Says Todd Johnston, founder of Trinity Power Rentals, “Our history of working together, our mutual respect, and shared values supports a successful merger. These values have been evident in every interaction. It’s made working together a pleasure, and it has built strong relationships between both teams.”

This merger brings two strong teams together under one roof and provides opportunities for them to learn from each others’ vast experience and support each others’ growth.

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What Customers Can Expect

For customers of Trinity Power and Sunbelt Solomon, this merger represents a better experience and greater access to resources. Both teams are excited about what they will be able to offer to current and prospective customers.

Some advantages for customers include:

  • Equipment diversity to support any project need
  • Greater Inventory depth to meet demand
  • Reduction in lead times
  • Expedited quoting process
  • Improved logistical service
  • Access to new products and services

Aside from these benefits, customers can expect that it will be business as usual at Trinity Power and Sunbelt Solomon. Points of contact and rental agreements will remain the same, and any future operational changes will be communicated well in advance. In keeping with the customer-first values that both companies uphold, as integration progresses, it will be done with the input and best interests of customers in mind.

“This merger affords a unique opportunity to unite two highly successful businesses into a single entity that can provide unmatched capabilities and services for our customers,” says Tom Smith, President and CEO of Sunbelt Solomon. “We are truly excited about what lies ahead.”

For questions, please contact Trinity Power or Sunbelt Solomon.

Trinity Power

Sunbelt Solomon

About Trinity Power Rentals
Founded in 1999, Trinity Power Rentals is an industry leader in providing temporary power solutions and high-touch high-care support to customers in Canada and the U.S.A. Trinity’s equipment can be found on job sites in every industry across Canada and the United States including construction, mining, utilities, pipelines, oil & gas, manufacturing, large events, infrastructure and major projects

Trinity’s experienced team of temporary power specialists designs and executes best-fit solutions for complex projects of all sizes. Its tireless pursuit of evolution and challenging of the status quo has made Trinity Power the standard bearer of the temporary power industry in North America.

About Sunbelt Solomon
Founded in 1971, Sunbelt Solomon is recognized across the U.S.A. for its technical expertise, speed of service and standard of care within commercial, industrial and utility markets. Providing rental, repair and field services to accompany their new and remanufactured offerings of electrical power and distribution equipment, including transformers & low, medium and high voltage switchgear, the company boasts an unparalleled scale and breadth of services as well as a consistent track record of dependable service among its investor-owned, municipal, industrial and privately owned customers.

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