Electrical contractors are an invaluable resource in the industrial, heavy commercial and residential sectors: without them, residents would be without lighting or heat, construction plans would grind to a halt, and businesses would flounder.

The sustainable electrical infrastructure that they provide quite literally keeps things running.

Because of the complexity and diversity of the projects that electrical contractors take on, Trinity Power’s full-service customer care model was designed with you — the electrical contractor — in mind.

This focus on customer care delivered by an experienced team of journeyman electricians, along with our extensive inventory of high-quality, safe and easy-to-use temporary power equipment and our unique power broker model allow us to provide complete support across a project’s lifespan. Read on to learn exactly how our approach helps electrical contractors succeed.

We Have the Equipment You Need — And a Lot of It

From failed transformers at commercial buildings to remote construction sites in need of temporary electrical installations, the diversity and complexity of the projects that electrical contractors encounter is vast.

Knowing what equipment is available for any given project, and where to get it, can be an arduous task. That’s where Trinity Power comes in. Our fleet of camlok ready temporary power equipment includes:

  • low and medium voltage transformers,
  • distribution,
  • protection,
  • panels,
  • transfer switches and
  • cable

And if we don’t have it, we can locate it for you. Our power broker model gives us access to large and small generators of all types, load banks and distribution equipment — a vast fleet of temporary power equipment at your fingertips. That means that no matter your project’s requirements or scope, one phone call is all it takes to get the equipment you need. The Trinity team does the rest.

Trinity Power Equipment Collage

Complete Engagement: We Immerse Ourselves in Your Project

We don’t stop at procurement. When you partner with Trinity Power, you are signing up for support and expertise throughout the complete lifecycle of your project. We know how important it is for electrical contractors to trust that equipment will be on-site when it is scheduled to be there, and that it will operate the way it is supposed to.

That is why Trinity Power takes a multipronged approach with
every project:

1. First, our team of Temporary Power Specialists takes the time to understand every nuance of your project, in order to ensure that the solution we design will meet all your current and future requirements. We conduct site visits during the planning stage in order to gain firsthand knowledge of the job site. This provides our team of Project Managers a reference for the size and placement of equipment, as well as the safest and most efficient cable route. It also allows us to be meticulous in our logistical planning and our source-to-load single line diagrams, ensuring a safe and efficient installation, so that you never have to waste time trying to fit a panel through a door frame that is too small.

2. Next, our rigorous QA and maintenance processes ensure that the equipment that arrives on-site has been thoroughly vetted to perform optimally.

3. Finally, we take a High-Touch, High-Care approach to customer service. Our communication, which includes regular contact, in-person meetings and clear, detailed documentation, leaves no room for ambiguity. And we will be on-hand, 24-7, for the duration of your project to answer questions and handle any issues that arise.

Trinity Power Process Collage

We Are Temporary Power Specialists, Not Order Takers

Work with the Trinity Team and experience the ease and efficiency of equipment, processes and documents that are designed by electricians, for electricians.

Our project management team is comprised of journeyman electricians who have worked for electrical contracting companies in the industrial and commercial sectors, and who now specialize in temporary power. This experience positions them to offer a special level of support because they understand the intricacies of a job site.

Since the founding of our company in 1998, we have partnered with our customers on countless successful projects. We have also listened to their feedback, so that today, our service and equipment is even better.

And you can be sure that we are considering all of your source and distribution options and designing the most effective solution, whether it involves a generator rental, landing a substation that connects to utility power or accounting for site footprint restrictions

In short, if there’s a way to reduce costs, makes things easier and improve the quality of the equipment, we’ve found it.

One Phone Call. An Immediate Response. Any Hour of the Day.

Whether you have a project that needs temporary power to grow/reduce with various construction phases or a scheduled equipment maintenance that will take your site offline, the Trinity team can design a solution that will meet all your requirements.

But sometimes, temporary power requirements aren’t planned.  Natural disasters, equipment failure and other emergency situations can leave your building or work site powerless, without warning or time to prepare.

That’s why we offer immediate, comprehensive emergency services. Our 24/7 emergency response and quick turnaround times will get things back online as quickly as possible, no matter the time of day or night.

Within minutes of your call, the Trinity team is at work behind the scenes, sourcing and prepping equipment, mobilizing workers to sites, organizing transportation and putting together the necessary paperwork.

You make one phone call, and we do the rest.

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