Trinity R.Stahl Explosion Proof Temporary Power Solutions

Trinity Power is pleased to announce that we have partnered with R. STAHL, the world’s foremost innovator in explosion proof and explosion protected components and systems, to represent their TEMPEX explosion proof temporary power system in Western Canada. This exclusive partnership, which was finalized in March, will provide greater rental options for Oil & Gas, Shutdowns and Turnarounds, and other industries in Western Canada that rely on specialized equipment to get the job done. It also means that Trinity Power can continue to fulfill our mission of providing complete turn-key rental solutions for all of our customers, including those who require Class I Division 2 certified equipment to keep their projects safe and up to code.

Due in part to the economic downturn, Oil & Gas refineries and other large facilities in Western Canada are changing how they operate. Facility owners are prioritizing maintenance over new builds, and as a result the Shutdown and Turnaround industry in Western Canada has been steadily growing, along with the demand for explosion proof temporary power equipment.

With its versatile modular design and rugged engineering, TEMPEX is the best system available to meet that demand. TEMPEX is a complete, explosion proof temporary power system that is designed for use in Class I Division 2 environments. It is comprised of three types of portable units —the CUBE, the MASTER and the SLAVE— offering a range of options. “You can build a whole design around those three products, and they can be configured in different ways, so it’s very versatile,” says Dustin Jordan, the GM at Trinity Power.

Class 1 Division 2 Temporary Power Equipment

The system can be transported by forklift, is easily stackable and can span up to 250 meters, between the CUBE, the MASTER and the SLAVE. As well, the MASTER & SLAVE can be safely mounted to scaffolding.

On top of being safe, versatile and extremely durable, TEMPEX is engineered for quality. “It’s just a top quality product,” says Jordan. “They haven’t sacrificed on the design or the material that they’ve used.” In fact, all of the Class I Division 2 components are manufactured by Stahl, ensuring that they are not only well-designed, but well-made too.

All of these features add up to make TEMPEX Trinity’s top choice for explosion proof equipment, which is one reason why Jordan is so thrilled to be able to offer it to customers.

“A lot of people don’t even know this equipment is available for rent out there,” says Jordan of one of the challenges plant operators face when sourcing explosion proof gear. “It’s such a specialized piece of equipment, for a very specialized application.”

The niche nature of the product application further adds to the challenge of sourcing high quality rental equipment. Until now, the accessibility of equipment in Western Canada has been somewhat limited, which is what Jordan is aiming to change. “There’s only one other vendor that we know of that does this,” says Jordan, “So this partnership is really adding more selection to the marketplace.”

What this partnership ultimately translates to is the best possible service for clients and their projects. Says Jordan, “I feel confident that these two companies together can provide the right solution for customers.”

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