A country as large as Canada can be subject to any number of natural disasters every year – consider Calgary’s 2013 floods – and similar flooding in Saskatchewan and Manitoba in 2014. And then there was the major ice storm that knocked out power across central and Eastern Canada during 2013’s brutal winter. In such situations, oil, mining and industrial operations can come to a halt without emergency access to onsite electricity generation.

Such emergencies, by definition, rarely are planned events. Perhaps there’s a day or two notice before severe weather or flooding arrives, but that still might not be enough time to line up the emergency generator rentals and other temporary power equipment your customers need, if you haven’t done your planning first. Developing a relationship with a temporary-power provider before customer calls start hitting your phone lines is really the only way electrical contractors can ensure their ability to keep client facilities up and running after a crisis.

So, what should you be looking for in an emergency-power partner? The following four capabilities should be at the top of your list:

Temporary Power Rentals
  • Access to a broad supply network. When storms or other disasters occur, a high demand for onsite power equipment, such as emergency diesel generators, distribution panels & substations can make inventory critical. In addition to what your temporary-power provider might have on-hand, you also want to know they have access to a broader supply chain when local resources won’t meet your needs.
  • Emergency availability. A voicemail message is the last thing you want to hear when trying to source equipment for a customer in need. You want to be sure you can reach your rental power provider when you need them, and not just during regular business hours.
  • Expert support. The best temporary power providers consider themselves to be an electrical contractor’s partner. In an emergency situation, you want a company with equipment experts who can provide engineering support, including single-line drawings and other documentation, to help keep your installers safe and your customers happy.
  • Freight assistance. The last thing you have time for when time is of the essence is handling the logistics of getting emergency temporary power equipment to the site, especially if it’s a remote energy or industrial facility. Find out if the suppliers you’re interviewing can handle the shipping for you.

In addition to its own high-quality inventory, Trinity Power Rentals has access to the largest temporary power distribution chain in North America. Our specialists are available 24/7, 365 days every year, to provide quick turnaround on quotes, single-line drawings and other needed documentation, along with start-to-finish freight and logistics management. Give us a call today – we’ll just need some simple customer account documents, and then we’ll be ready to mobilize the equipment your customers need, when they need it.

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