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Location: Ontario
Project Type: Power Generation & Distribution
Industry: Emergency

A Backup Generator Provides Peace of Mind for a Busy Sugar Refinery

Next time you’re adding sugar to your coffee, you might have Trinity Power to thank. When a sugar refinery in Ontario began experiencing issues with one of its transformers, it wasn’t just sweet treats that hung in the balance – the refinery’s bottom line was at risk as well. A quick temporary power solution was needed to keep things running smoothly.

Here’s how Trinity Power helped save the day (and your latte).

The Client: In Business for Over a Century

For over 160 years, this client has been a leader in providing parts and servicing for equipment, power systems and industrial components.

This distributor has more than 100 branches across Canada and their inventory represents the world’s leading manufacturers. The industries they serve are diverse and include everything from natural resources to transportation to utilities. Their values of safety, excellence and strong vendor relationships have contributed to their success and longevity.

The Challenge: An Unreliable Transformer

Late on a Friday, our client called Trinity Power with a challenge: their customer, a sugar refinery, was experiencing issues with the transformer that powered an important crane. The crane was used to unload large cargo ships carrying raw sugar – ships that are expensive to operate and must be unloaded as quickly as possible.

They needed a temporary backup solution to keep operations moving in the event that the transformer couldn’t be repaired.

Our Approach: The Power Broker Model in Action

The first step was to quickly review the available options with both our client and the refinery. Then, using our Power Broker Model, the Trinity team was able to source a 1MW 600V generator. Paired with Trinity’s 2500kVA 600V-480V auto transformer, this would achieve the required voltage to power the crane.


Transformer getting prepared for delivery.

Trinity also supplied a 150kVA transformer along with 300 feet of 4/0 camlok cable.

In addition to supplying the backup equipment, the Trinity team reviewed the proposed solution, including cable layouts, with our client and the refinery team to ensure it would meet their requirements. We also stayed after hours to prep the equipment and arranged to have all equipment delivered on Sunday morning. Finally, Trinity lined up a fuel source to ensure a timely response if the generator was required.

The Result: Smooth Operations

With Trinity’s temporary backup power generation system in place, our client was able to focus on assessing and repairing their client’s transformer, without worrying about the impact to the refinery’s operations.