Have you been working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic? If so, you’re not alone. According to Statistics Canada, nearly 5 million more Canadians were working from home in the final weeks of March than in typical times. And despite many provinces now taking tentative steps to re-open, many employees are still hesitant to return to their physical workplace.

With so many people suddenly navigating this new norm, advice has been plentiful. But what actually works?

A Google productivity expert, recently interviewed for a Business Insider article, offers these three suggestions:

  • Plan your day the night before
  • Design a flexible schedule that works for you
  • Create a designated working spot where you do your work and only your work

At Trinity Power, many of our team members have been working from home, and they have some advice of their own to share. Whether you’re inspired to try something new, have already implemented some of these suggestions or just need a reminder that you’re not in this alone, we hope that this lighthearted list will serve as a reminder that we really are all in this together.

How the Trinity Team Works From Home



Being active first thing in the morning, whether it’s stretching, exercising, or going for a walk can really get your day started in a positive way. I feel like I have accomplished something and I am definitely in a better mental state throughout the day.



I surround myself with mirrors. The benefits are two-fold: first, it makes me think I’m in an office with a bunch of people and second, I get to check myself out.


work at home 1


Dave G

Dress the part: shave, shower, and wear your comfiest shorts. After all, the outfit mullet is a thing now, right?


Scott R

A routine is key for working at home. Do the same things in the morning as you would if you were going into the office. Stay on a set schedule!


Dave M

Have some great background music and the forbidden under desk heater to make the climate just right.


work at home 2



Well I did gain some weight at the beginning, but then I found the benefits. I can do a fresh green juice more easily than if I was at work. I am also avoiding fast food, as I have time to cook, I have a stove to properly heat my food, and I don’t forget the meals because they are in my fridge!


Jordan R

Find yourself an outbuilding “shed” that can be converted into a home office. When you have 2 young kids and 3 dogs, isolation from distractions is key.



I set up various play stations and scheduled activities during the morning and afternoon with a late noon nap for my 2 year old to keep himself busy throughout the 8 hour work day..

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