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Jun 30, 2020

Alberta’s Site Rehabilitation Program: The First Two Months

On May 1, the Alberta Government launched a $1 billion Site Rehabilitation [...] Read More
Sep 27, 2019

Sky High: How Drones Are Making Big Industry More Efficient

Commercial drones have been around since 2006, when the FAA issued the first [...] Read More
Mar 30, 2017

4 Ways to Reduce Your Global Adjustment Costs

A Guide for Class A Consumers The cost of energy for Ontario businesses has [...] Read More
Jan 30, 2017

Energy in Canada: What’s In Store for 2017?

From pipeline approvals to an unpredictable new US administration, there are a [...] Read More
Nov 30, 2016

Get Ready For The 15th Annual Shutdowns and Turnarounds Superconference

For 15 years, the Canadian Institute’s Shutdowns and Turnarounds [...] Read More
Jul 28, 2016

Is Biodiesel in Canada Dead? Two Industry Experts Weigh In

When it comes to green technology, people rarely see eye to eye, and biodiesel [...] Read More
Jun 29, 2016

Generator Fuel: Diesel, Natural Gas, or Both?

Diesel generators have ruled the industrial-scale generator roost for almost as [...] Read More
May 31, 2016

Experts Weigh In: What’s New in Generator Technology?

With a new iPhone coming out every other day, mobile apps being created more [...] Read More
Apr 28, 2016

How Hakai Institute Cut Their Generator Fuel Consumption by 80%

One hundred kilometres north of Port Hardy, in the heart of the Great [...] Read More
Mar 31, 2016

Nanotechnology Making Big Waves in Thermoelectric Generation

What is as small as a molecule, and as big as a shipping container The answer [...] Read More
Feb 26, 2016

Distributed Power Generation And Utilities

This summer, the Electric Markets Research Foundation made waves when it [...] Read More
Oct 30, 2015

“LNG’s Future in BC is Alive and Well” – Woodfibre LNG at LNG Conference

What do the Blue Jays have in common with this year’s LNG in BC conference [...] Read More