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Location: British Columbia
Project Type: Power Distribution
Industry: Infrastructure

Temporary Power Solution Connects Wastewater Treatment Facility With Utility Power

Anyone who has found themselves without running water – whether they’re traveling or experiencing plumbing problems at home – knows how important wastewater management is.

So when a recent client called, looking for a temporary solution to connect wastewater infrastructure to the local utility until their permanent solution was delivered, we knew the matter was urgent.


The Client: An Innovative Infrastructure Construction Company

Formed in 2006, this client builds and upgrades safe, reliable infrastructure for a number of industries, including pipeline, HDD, tunneling, and electrical power and communications.

They are dedicated to operating with integrity, and to ensuring the safety and sustainability of their operations.


The Challenge: A Wastewater Project In Need of a Metered Transformer

Our client was completing an infrastructure project for a municipal wastewater treatment facility when they hit a snag.

The project involved the construction of a line that would transport untreated effluent from an old facility to the new facility, and then to the existing outfall, once it had been treated.

They needed a transformer in order to access utility power, and they had sourced both a temporary transformer and a permanent one, but there was a problem: in order to connect to utility power, they needed a meter — something the temporary transformer they had sourced was lacking. Their permanent solution wasn’t scheduled to arrive for several months.

The client needed a step-down transformer with provisions for utility metering in order to move forward.

So, they called Trinity Power.


Our Approach: Delivering on Specifics

From our inventory, we sourced a 2500KVA 12.7/25KV-277/480V portable substation that had provisions for metering: exactly what our client needed.


The Result: On Time and on Budget

Thanks to the Trinity team’s quick response, the equipment arrived on-site within a time-frame that suited our client’s project schedule.

Because the substation will allow them to use utility power, rather than paying for expensive fuel, this solution will also be easy on our client’s budget.

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