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Location: Alberta
Project Type: Equipment Failure
Industry: Emergency, Oil & Gas

Delivering An Overnight Solution for an Emergency Equipment Failure

In the oil and gas industry, when power equipment fails, getting back online can be paramount not only to protecting a company’s bottom line, but to protecting its workers and other equipment as well.

That’s why, when something goes wrong, no matter what time of day or night, the Trinity team is ready to jump into action.

Our emergency response services are finely tuned to ensure our clients receive fast, effective solutions for their power emergencies – emergencies like the one a client experienced recently.


The Client: An Alberta-Based Energy Company

With six processing plants in Alberta, this client is one of the province’s largest licensed gas producers.

But their business extends beyond gas production, and beyond Alberta. The company also transports and stores crude oil and refined petroleum products, and treats and processes natural gas.

Through a network of pipelines, plants, storage facilities and a marine terminal, this client connects producers with buyers across North America.


The Challenge: A Late-Night Transformer Failure

The call came in on Trinity’s after-hours line one evening: a transformer had failed at a gas processing facility in Alberta, and a temporary replacement was needed to get things back up and running.

The challenge? It was already late in the evening, and the client needed the equipment on-site by 7am the following morning.

With this tight timeline established, the Trinity team got moving, working through the night to get our client the equipment they needed.


Our Approach: Full-Service Emergency Response

Using our power broker model, the Trinity team sourced:

that would meet our client’s on-site requirements.

And we didn’t stop there. In order to ensure the equipment could be delivered first thing in the morning to meet our client’s tight timeline, Trinity Power sourced the freight vendors that we knew would be right for the job, arranging for the order to be picked up in Edmonton at 3am.

Because our client’s crane operator wasn’t available, we also ensured that the transformer – which weighed 19,000 lbs – was delivered by crane truck. This allowed the client to offload the transformer efficiently, and have it placed exactly where they needed it.


The Result: A Stress-Free Solution Eases a Stressful Situation

Trinity’s fast and thorough emergency response meant two things for our client: a steady workflow, minimizing losses; and a full-service solution, ensuring both efficiency and peace of mind.