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    Location: British Columbia
    Project Type: Contingency Power
    Industry: Emergency

    Designing a Backup Power System for A Popular Fashion Brand

    For many North American businesses, winter means freezing temperatures and inclement weather — conditions that can lead not only to power failure, but to greater-than-average consequences should an outage occur. Add to that a busy Christmas season, and retail manufacturers in particular have a great deal to lose if something goes wrong.

    But this is a story about when things go right. That is, when a business prepares for the worst before anything goes wrong, and reaps the reward of peace of mind and uninterrupted operations.


    The Client: A Popular Women’s Fashion Brand

    Founded in 1984, this upscale Canadian women’s clothing brand has been steadily increasing in popularity ever since. It is now one of Canada’s most recognized and sought-after clothing brands.

    With retail stores across North America, the brand’s distribution centre is a busy place that must run smoothly in order to keep up with product demand.


    The Challenge: A Backup Power System for a Crucial Season

    A distribution centre could accurately be called the heart of a retail business. In order for customers to buy products, those products must be available — shipped to and from stores consistently and in a timely fashion.

    With the busy holiday season approaching, our client needed their distribution centre to be especially on-the-ball; any delay in operations could cost the business a significant amount of revenue.

    In order to prepare for their busy season and ensure that an emergency outage wouldn’t turn into a huge business loss, our client made a smart call.

    That is, they called Trinity Power to provide a temporary backup power solution, just in case.


    Our Approach: A Foundation of Trust and A Client-Centered Solution

    Whether it’s a one-time project or an ongoing commitment, we work hard to earn our clients’ trust. That’s why many of them come back to us year after year, as this client does.

    Because we had provided this service for our client for several years running, they knew they could rely on us.

    Using our power broker model, we sourced two equipment options, which we presented to our client:

    Although the second option was slightly more expensive, the camlok cable would allow for the quickest connection in the event of an emergency. Because time was of the essence for this client, they chose this option.


    The Result: A Guarantee of Smooth Operations

    With a backup power system ready to go at a moment’s notice, and the Trinity team available 24/7 for any questions or emergencies, our client was able to focus on running their operations efficiently during their busy season.

    This ensured that discerning consumers across North America were able to purchase the clothing they wanted, when they needed it.

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