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    Location: Ontario
    Project Type: Power Generation
    Industry: Emergency

    Trinity Responds to an Emergency Outage With a Same-Day Solution

    Fires, storms and floods: of these three threats to a site’s electrical system, flooding might not be top of mind during the cold winter months.

    But, as an industrial plaza in Toronto experienced recently, burst pipes can cause destructive flooding at any time of year.

    Luckily, our client was on hand to repair the damage – and they called us to provide emergency temporary power to keep things running smoothly while they worked.


    The Client: A Leader in Disaster Mitigation

    With over 55 years of experience in property recovery and disaster mitigation, this client is the one to call when disaster strikes. Offering a complete range of services ranging from emergency response through complete reconstruction, this industry leader specializes in repairing the damage caused by fire, flooding, storms, and other destructive forces.

    In fact, they are so knowledgeable that we interviewed them last winter for an article about disaster response and prevention.


    The Challenge: An Emergency Outage Threatening Multiple Businesses

    When a water main broke in the underground of an industrial plaza in Toronto, it wasn’t just a case of soggy floors. The resulting flooding affected the utility transformer vault, cutting off power not only to the building experiencing the flooding, but to the neighbouring plaza as well.

    With multiple businesses relying on this power to maintain their operations, getting back online as quickly as possible was crucial.

    Our client also required power in order to complete their recovery and repairs in a timely manner.


    Our Approach: Providing More Than Equipment

    Using our power broker model, the Trinity team moved quickly to source:

    But we didn’t stop at equipment procurement. Our team also commissioned the generators, and ran an orientation for the on-site personnel, ensuring they were able to safely and confidently run the generators, check the alarms and complete the generator pre-start checklists.


    The Result: A Quick Solution Allows for Business as Usual

    When our clients – or their clients – experience an emergency outage, we understand what’s at stake. That’s why we go the extra mile to ensure that we provide the fastest possible solution.

    Our client called us at 4:30pm on a Friday, and we had the equipment on-site at 9pm that same day. This meant that the businesses affected by the outage were able to continue manufacturing on-schedule on Saturday, and our client was able to begin their restoration efforts immediately.

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