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Location: Ontario
Project Type: Power Generation
Industry: Electrical Contracting

No Utility? No Problem for Rural Greenhouses

No Utility? No Problem for Rural Greenhouses

Big load requirements and rural, off-grid settings make powering some commercial agriculture operations a challenge. Add to that the fact that many greenhouse crops need very specific and consistent temperatures to thrive, and it becomes clear that designing a temporary power solution for a commercial greenhouse is no simple feat.

Recently, a client came to us with exactly this kind of challenge — one that the Trinity team was happy to accept.


The Client: An Innovative Health and Wellness Manufacturer

A health and wellness company based in Ontario, this client produces and manufactures a variety of products for a growing portfolio of brands. With a 100 acre farm and two indoor production facilities totaling 86,000 square feet, the company has a lot going on.

This client is future-facing, with a focus on sustainable practices and creating a community that embraces social, environmental and personal growth.


The Challenge: Rural Greenhouses With a Specific Power Requirement

A tight timeline and looming production demands were only two of this client’s concerns. Because their farm is in a rural location without access to utility power, they needed a temporary power system that would be able to power their greenhouses while operating within a 3 to 5 percent variation in voltage.


Our Approach: A Collaborative Spirit and a Turnkey Solution

To design a distribution system that would energize the client’s greenhouses, the Trinity team worked collaboratively with our client and reached out to our extensive vendor network.

Thanks to our power broker model, we were able to source a 400kW generator rental that was ideal for the application. In addition to the generator, we provided a 1200A I-line panel with three 200A breakers to feed three separate main panels in the greenhouses. To connect it all, we provided several lengths of cable ranging from 50 to 100 feet and camlok tails for easy connection.

In order to help our client save on costs, the Trinity team worked with the generator vendor to get a full parts list and a generator servicing check sheet, allowing our client to use their own generator technician.


The Result: Energization Within Days

With the Trinity team’s quick response, solution design and equipment procurement, the client’s greenhouses were energized in a matter of days, allowing them to begin production in a timely manner, and to get their product to market on schedule.