Power Substation CASE STUDY

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Location: British Columbia
Project Type: Electrical
Industry: Electrical Contracting

The Client

Our customer has been supporting integrated power solutions since 1944. From hospitals to universities to shipping terminals to shopping centers, our client has delivered some of the most exciting infrastructure projects in Western Canada. 

The Challenge

Our customer was servicing several ferry terminals in BC and upgrading the electrical infrastructure to house larger ferries. This was a multi-site, multi-step operation that required top-notch equipment, technicians, and planning. An added layer was that the facility needed to continue functioning throughout the upgrade, even as rewiring and electrical changes were taking place. Our customer needed a temporary power alternative to bypass the standard transformers they were replacing.

The Solution

Trinity Power’s robust equipment catalogue made us the ideal partner. We implemented a phasing process for the manhole upgrades using our Sub016 Unit Substation which met the unique power loads of each manhole – without disruption. This equipment also enabled adjustments of power distribution as necessary. We supplied:

  • Sub016 Unit substation 1500kVA 25kV-600/347, including ground grid and decking, GFI light indicators and spare 25kV fuses
  • Low Voltage 4/0 camlock cables
  • 30DCB36R 3000A I-Line panel
  • Male and female tails to connect with existing loads

The Result

Our temporary power solution resulted in a seamless power transition that allowed the non-serviced areas to continue business as usual.

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