Emergency Project CASE STUDY

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Location: Alberta
Project Type: Manufacturing
Industry: Emergency

The Client

Our customer offers wide-ranging electrical and inspection services required to install and maintain safe, reliable power systems. Renowned for employing the latest methodologies, test equipment and expertise, this customer is a leader when it comes to analyzing, optimizing, and extending the lifespan of power system equipment.

The Challenge

Even the most well-prepared operations can face the unexpected. A situation occurred at our customer’s Northern Alberta facility, where the on-site transformer failed at a critical juncture, affecting both the regular power distribution and the redundancy supports. To prevent a blackout situation, Trinity Power was called.

The Solution 

As our customer worked on finding a permanent transformer solution, our Temporary Power Specialists examined the existing setup and cables to determine the best temporary arrangement. We sent equipment from BC to restore facility electricity, including:

  • 2500/3125kVA 7200V-600V Transformer
  • 3000A 600V Splitter
  • 15kV 600A Splitter
  • 3 x 25’ 15kV 4-0 Single conductor cables
  • 17 x 25’ 4-0 Single conductor camlok cables

The Result

From the first phone call, Trinity Power took charge. We learned the existing layout of the site’s electricity and explored our entire inventory to determine what would work best. With our help, our customer returned to normal operations, with a secure rental solution that supported their power needs until they could replace their transformer.

Find Your Solution in Our Inventory

At Trinity Power, we understand tight deadlines and know how to navigate through complex power operations. 

Our commitment to turnkey, performance-ready applications allows you to get back to work the moment we arrive. And, all of our rentals are durably constructed and frequently tested to ensure the highest degree of service.

We keep an extensive catalog of transformers and distribution so we can seamlessly connect with any existing setup for as long as necessary, allowing you time to determine the best long-term solution.  

Whether you’re considering renovations to your existing setup or looking for an emergency services team, Trinity Power is a trusted partner. You can get a quote or contact us today.

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