Community Center CASE STUDY

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Location: British Columbia
Project Type: Electrical
Industry: Utility

The Client

Our client specializes in a range of services related to high-voltage electrical systems, serving a broad spectrum of industrial, commercial, institutional, and utility customers. Working across Western Canada for more than 30 years, our client is renowned as a leading independent electrical power service provider, and for offering quality-driven services to maintain safe and reliable electrical infrastructure. 

The Challenge

A transformer failed at a local community centre, which resulted in all facilities and amenities, including a fitness area, arena, indoor walking track, room rentals and outdoor waterpark, within the centre having to halt or temporarily close. This was considered an emergency situation, and the community centre reached out to our client to get the power restored to minimize further disruption to their customers. Trinity Power was brought in to help. Our client provided the technical details and our team of specialists put together a customized temporary power solution.

The Solution

Trinity Power had all the required equipment available for a temporary power solution at our Coquitlam location, which was in close proximity to the community centre. We supplied our client with:

We also coordinated the delivery of the equipment, including a crane to offload on site. This enabled our client to install the temporary solution, restoring power to the community centre.

The Result

Our client appreciated Trinity Power’s quick response, expertise, and ability to get the required equipment on site. With Trinity Power’s help, our client was able to get the community centre up and running within three days, resulting in minimal disruption to its customers and the community at large. Our solution will be in place for seven months while our client works on the permanent fix.

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