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Location: Vancouver
Project Type: Event Lighting
Industry: Events

Trinity Power Lights the Way for Tennis Pros at Prestigious Tournament

Winning a professional tennis tournament takes skill, talent and dedication; staging one takes hard work, expertise and really good lighting.

When an exclusive sports club near Vancouver approached Trinity for help with their annual professional tennis tournament, they weren’t looking for generators — they needed world-class lighting that would meet the exacting standards of the tournament’s athletes and its spectators.

The club, whose members represent the business and society elite of West Vancouver, provides a private oasis for sport, dining, entertainment, and business. One of the club’s premier events is the hard court tennis tournament, whose past champions include Maria Shirapova and Vasek Pospisil. The tournament, now in its 16th year, attracts tennis fans from BC and beyond.

With a combined purse of $200,000, the stakes for winning were high, which meant that everything – including the lighting — needed to be perfect.

Achieving perfection posed some challenges: the light towers had to be positioned precisely around three separate courts, to ensure they were lit perfectly and evenly. They also had to match the temperature and colour of the existing lights. And, just as importantly, the light towers had to run quietly, since they would be in the centre of the action — and of the spectators.

Trinity Power can’t turn down a challenge. We provided eight powerless light towers with two LED heads each. The design of the towers allowed them to be hitched to a truck for easy maneuverability, and the LED lights meant that the towers required very little power. As for noise management: our towers are unique in that they don’t have built-in generators. This feature allowed us to set the lights up exactly where they were needed, and hook them up to a generator that was located safely away from the spectators.

The result? The courts were evenly and adequately lit, to the exacting standards of the athletes, the media and the spectators, allowing everyone to focus on what really mattered: the match.

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