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Location: Ontario
Project Type: Emergency
Industry: Emergency, Electrical Contracting

Trinity’s Quick Response Brings 1,500 Apartment Tenants Home

Two hundred years ago, Toronto’s parliament buildings went down in a blaze of glory — another casualty of the war of 1812.

Recently, on the street named for those buildings, there was another blaze – an electrical fire that forced the speedy evacuation of 1500 tenants from a residential property.

While, thankfully, this fire was not an act of war, it did require a quick solution; making the building safe and functional so that residents could move back into their homes was of the utmost importance.

Our client, a full-service electrical services and building systems contractor, has been in business for over 55 years, serving a broad swath of industries.

In the aftermath of the fire, our client brought Trinity on board to develop a temporary power solution that would draw power from the grid, rather than requiring a generator.

Luckily, Trinity Power does much, much more than rent generators. Our Temporary Power Specialists — all journeyman electricians — know their way around an electrical room.

As soon as the initial call came in, the Trinity team designed a distribution system based on the building’s critical loads that would allow the displaced tenants to come home.

We supplied a main 2500A breaker disconnect, a 6000A splitter, and a 3000A panel with two 800A breakers and two 400A breakers. We also provided a 1600A breaker disconnect to feed into the required loads.

All of this equipment was prepared over the weekend so that it could be shipped on Monday.

Thanks to Trinity’s quick response and generator-free solution, 1500 people were able to return home, and our client was able to energize the building without worrying about emissions or the cost of fuel, allowing them to get down to the business of developing a permanent solution.

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