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Location: Fraser Valley
Project Type: Power Distribution
Industry: Events

Trinity Powers Months Long Outdoor Chinese Lantern Festival

A three-month-long outdoor event, multiple project changes and equipment being flown in from China: just another day at the office for the Trinity team.

From late September to early January, BC’s Fraser Valley is playing host to a unique cultural festival. Organized by the Canadian Sichuan Chamber of commerce, this festival features enchanting lantern displays, fireworks, cultural performances and a curated selection of Sichuan cuisine.

With an anticipated attendance of over 300,000 visitors, and a run time of just over 3 months, pulling this festival off was no small feat. Add to this the fact that the venue is largely outdoors, and the challenges multiply.

Our client, the media company organizing the event, brought Trinity on board because of our proven ability to deliver on challenging projects and our ability to deliver large quantities of diverse equipment.

With the event’s light displays varying in size and design, the client needed a wide array of different cable and breakers ranging from 15A to 400A. On top of this challenge, the event was spread throughout a park that encompassed several city blocks, so in order to connect to the different panels and individual light displays, the cable length requirements were extensive. Because the event is largely outdoors, all of the equipment had to be Nema 3R outdoor rated.

And these weren’t the only challenges.

With much of the lighting equipment for the festival coming from China, the Trinity team needed to be on alert to ensure our temporary power equipment would integrate properly with the event equipment. And as with many events of this scale, several of the requirements changed during the course of the project, further keeping the Trinity team on their toes.

Luckily, Trinity’s robust inventory was up to the task. And, with our agile and high-touch approach, including multiple site visits, Trinity was able to roll with the punches, providing for the diverse and evolving requirements quickly.

In the end, we provided four 1200A I-Line panels with assorted 3 pole breakers, two 400A I-line panels with assorted 3 pole breakers and a large quantity of 4/0 camlock cable, 5c2 cable, 5c6 cable, 5c10 cable, and 5c12 cable.

The equipment was sourced locally, as well as from our locations in Mississauga and Edmonton.

Because of our large inventory, flexible approach and high-touch, high-care customer service, the event was able to move forward on schedule, and our client was able to save time, money, and more than a few worries by working with one experienced temporary power provider, instead of sourcing their own equipment from multiple vendors.

The Fraser Valley will be a little bit brighter this winter, thanks to our client and the Trinity team.

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