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    Location: Vancouver
    Project Type: Power Distribution
    Industry: Electrical Contracting

    Trinity Provides Quick Solution For Sawmill Fire Cleanup Efforts

    Even the most well managed sawmills face the risk of fire. It is the kind of disaster that can have an impact that reaches well beyond the bottom line. But when the embers have cooled, returning to operation as quickly as possible is essential to a mill’s survival.

    That’s why, when a large BC-based electrical contractor called us recently to provide the necessary equipment to get a an urban sawmill’s critical functions back online after a major fire, we moved fast.

    Established nearly 50 years ago, our client has been providing high quality, competitive electrical services to BC businesses for a long time, and they have a rock solid reputation to back them up.

    When the Vancouver sawmill experienced a fire that took out the main power service to the building, our client was quickly called to the scene, and they turned to us to source the best equipment for the challenge.

    In order to power vital lighting and critical loads, the sawmill required a 500kVA 12.5kV – 480V substation, distribution for 480V loads, a 300kVA 480V – 120/208V transformer, and a distribution panel to pick up all the 120/208V loads required. Knowing time was of the essence, as it so often is, we raced into action, locating all the required equipment, and having it shipped from across Western Canada to our Coquitlam location in time to have it on a truck to the site by the following morning.

    Our state of the art equipment, large inventory and finely tuned quick response to emergency calls are what allow us to thrive under pressure, and to provide the fastest, most effective solutions for our clients, including this one.

    Our quick delivery ensured that the mill was able to begin their restoration work right away — work that will be critical in getting the site up and running as soon as possible.

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