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Location: Ontario
Project Type: Power Distribution
Industry: Cryptocurrency

Trinity Delivers Christmas Eve Power Solution: No Reindeer Involved

Some people celebrate the holiday season with carols and candy canes, while others take the opportunity to go somewhere warm. But cryptocurrency miners don’t take holidays, and neither does our client.

A leading provider of primary and backup power systems, this client is dedicated to providing custom-engineered solutions that take advantage of the latest technology and the highest quality equipment.

When a cryptocurrency company called our client over the holidays looking for equipment to power their mining operations, their extensive distribution requirements were no walk in the snow. Trinity was called in to provide the multiple I-line panels and breaker disconnects required to complement our client’s top-of-the-line generators and complete the power system their client needed.

Like the Santa Claus of power distribution, Trinity worked within a tight deadline to source the required equipment from our Vancouver and Leduc locations, shipping them to our Mississauga shop on Christmas Eve, where our shop manager was waiting to receive it, and ensure it was ready for a quick pickup by our client.

In the end, we sourced two 3000A panels, with a total of twelve 400A breakers; three 1200A dialable breaker disconnects; five 1200A I-Line Panels (125-600A rated breakers); and five 400A breaker disconnects.

Hot cocoa and sugar cookies for some, a happy client and a job well done for Trinity.

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