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Location: British Columbia
Project Type: Distribution
Industry: Electrical Contracting

Trinity Delivers a Substation for a Construction Project on a Tight Schedule

Delivering the right temporary power solution with a quick turnaround can be a challenge. Time constraints can limit equipment availability, especially when shipping is taken into account, and getting the required approvals and sign-offs can add to the time it takes to get a solution off the ground.

Having plenty of time to design, procure, and deliver a temporary power solution is always ideal, but it’s not always an option. Luckily, thanks to our Power Broker model and extensive in-house fleet, Trinity Power has detailed knowledge about what equipment is available at any given time, in any given region across North America. It’s that knowledge that allows us to deliver effective solutions quickly.

A recent project highlights a situation where the Trinity team was not only able to design and procure a solution that allowed our client to save on fueling, avoid costly servicing and eliminate disturbances to the public, we were able to do so quickly, allowing our client to adhere to their tight construction schedule.

Here’s how we did it.


The Client: A One Hundred Year Electrical Company

Founded in 1911, this client has grown over the past 110 years to become a global company operating in over 175 countries and employing over 90,000 people.

With a hand in everything from manufacturing to commissioning to the provision of turn-key services and solutions, this client is truly multi-faceted. The niches they serve include electrical, aerospace, vehicle servicing and parts, and more.


The Challenge: Replacing a Transformer During a Critical Project Phase

Our client was involved in a major construction project in an urban centre in BC when they hit a snag. A transformer issue during a critical juncture in their project left them scrambling to find a replacement that would enable them to continue working according to their schedule. Adding to the challenge was the location of their utility connection point; the electrical room was located inside a parkade, so any equipment would have to fit within a limited overhead clearance and footprint.


A substation being places an underground parking.


Looking for a non-generator solution, the client came to Trinity Power.


Our Approach: A Site Visit Yields a Creative Solution

The first step for the Trinity team was to perform a site visit in order to have a look at the temporary connection point and to work with the on-site electricians to develop a solution that would be compatible with their existing equipment.

After examining the utility connection and existing infrastructure, the Trinity team developed a solution that would take into account the location, equipment requirements and project timeline.

Our solution included:

  • A 750kVA 12.5kV-600V substation.
  • Three 50 foot 4/0 15kV temporary MV cables (with compressed lugs to attach to the client’s HV bus), which would feed from the electrical room to a substation located elsewhere.
  • Nine 4/0 LV cables with bare tails to feed back into the electrical room. This would bolt onto the client’s secondary bus and power their jobsite.

All of the equipment was installed in the parkade — the substation was placed in a corner where it was able to operate with minimal interference to the construction or the public.


The Result: A Project On Schedule and A Satisfied Customer

Thanks to Trinity’s fast response and our rental ready fleet, our client was able to stay on schedule with a solution that required no maintenance or servicing. Because we were able to provide a solution that didn’t require a generator, our client was also able to save on fueling costs, and the size and installation location of the substation meant that they were able to continue to the next phase of their project without causing any public disturbance.

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