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    Location: British Columbia
    Project Type: Power Generation & Distribution
    Industry: Emergency

    Trinity’s Same-Day Emergency Response Keeps Rec Centre Running

    In emergency situations, where outages need to be fixed yesterday, sometimes the quickest solution isn’t the best option to keep things running until the failed electrical equipment can be replaced.

    When that’s the case, it pays (literally) to be working with a temporary power specialist who’s flexible and who knows the rental landscape well.

    Trinity clients know that we have flexibility and knowledge(not to mention temporary power equipment) in ample supply – that’s why they come to us when they encounter a situation like this recent emergency outage.


    The Client: A Full-Service Electrical Contractor

    This client, based in BC, specializes in maintaining and supplying electrical equipment as well as testing and commissioning it.

    Offering emergency repair services as well as the creation and administration of effective maintenance plans, this EC prides themselves on their customized solutions, tailored to suit their clients’ timelines and budgets.


    The Challenge: A Failed Transformer at a Community Rec Centre

    When a community recreation centre experienced an emergency outage due to the failure of an aging transformer, they contacted our client, who in turn contacted Trinity Power.

    The call came in on a Friday morning, and the facility needed power restored as quickly as possible in order to resume their normal operations and keep their facility’s users happy.

    The Trinity team responded without delay.


    Our Approach: A Quick Solution and a Cost-Saving Pivot

    When the call came in, the Trinity team got to work immediately to source a generator that could be shipped quickly to the site.

    By the afternoon of the same day, we had delivered a 1MW 480V generator and a 600V step-up transformer from one of our vendor partners, along with 100 feet of our own 4/0 camlok cable. We also took on the responsibility for fueling the generator to ensure it was never over- or under-fueled.

    Although this solution allowed the community centre to resume their operations as quickly as possible, it wasn’t the most cost-effective option for them to continue running as they waited for a new transformer.

    In order to keep costs down, Trinity pivoted to a better-fit solution for the extended timeframe. Using the cable that was already on site, the Trinity team replaced the generator with a 1500kVA 25V-600V temporary substation, allowing the centre to hook into utility power.

    The changeover took place at night in order to minimize any disruption to the rec centre’s day-to-day operations. All told, this revised solution saved the rec centre thousands of dollars daily in fuel costs.


    The Result: Big Savings and a Happy Client

    Thanks to Trinity’s well-honed emergency response, our client’s customer was able to mitigate the business costs that would have come with an extended shutdown and get back to normal operations within a day.

    And because of our flexible, knowledgeable approach, they were able to save big on fuel costs, which made everyone happy.

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