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Location: Alberta
Project Type: Power Distribution
Industry: Oil & Gas

A Multi-Megawatt Solution Enables Increased Oil and Gas Production

Sometimes Trinity’s temporary power solutions save our clients money; other times, we contribute to conditions that enable them to earn more of it.

For companies with variable operations, the ability to increase production when required can be a boon. But purchasing extra power equipment when it will only be used on occasion might not make financial sense.

Enter Trinity Power. Our temporary power solutions enable clients to boost their operations when it makes sense for them (for example, when demand increases, or on a seasonal basis), without paying for equipment they aren’t using when production slows down.

One recent oil and gas project is a perfect example of this kind of situation.


The Client: A Major Canadian Oil and Gas Operator

As one of the largest midstream oil and gas operators in Canada, this client services producers in Western Canada and transports natural gas liquids across North America.

Their commitment to building mutually beneficial, long-term relationships with their clients has led to sustainable success not only for our client, but for their customers and communities as well.


The Challenge: A Load Increase Requires Increased Power

In order to support an increase in heat required to ramp up the production at one of their main plants, our client came to Trinity Power to find a 13.8KV 2MW solution that could handle the extra load.

Trinity delivered.


Our Approach: Collaboration Produces A Best-Fit Solution

Working with our client to design a solution that would meet their needs, the Trinity Team proposed a 2MW step-down system with the capacity to tie into the client’s existing 13.8KV E-house. With the client’s approval, Trinity supplied a 3125kVA 13.8kV-600V transformer, a 347V NGR, a 2MW 600V load bank and 15kV single conductor cables.


The Result: Increased Production Enables Greater Revenue

Because of Trinity’s tailored temporary power solution, our client was able to increase their production when required without purchasing expensive new equipment. And of course, with increased production comes the opportunity for greater revenue.

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