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Location: British Columbia
Project Type: Power Distribution
Industry: Electrical Contracting

Temporary Power Solution Contributes to COVID-19 Response

What does it take to power a temporary, outdoor COVID-19 testing and immunization clinic? Trinity’s solution for a recent project holds the answer.

As British Columbia has rolled out its COVID-19 immunization efforts, part of the vaccination strategy has included the creation of a number of temporary, outdoor facilities. Our client, a Metro Vancouver-based electrical contractor, was tasked with powering one such facility, and they turned to Trinity for assistance.


The Challenge: a COVID-19 Facility In Need of Power

In neighbourhoods across BC’s lower mainland, COVID-19 cases were increasing, as was the government’s testing and immunization response. Because of the urgency of the immunization efforts to quell the recent surge in case numbers, the new facility had to be set up quickly.

To accommodate this fast-tracked schedule, the equipment our client needed to power the heating, medical equipment and other necessities at the facility had to be procured just as quickly.


Our Approach: Combining Expertise and Speed

Thanks to our extensive experience responding to 24/7 emergency calls, the Trinity team is well equipped to source essential equipment in a time crunch, and this call was no exception.

Working with the power connection options and side load requirements provided by our client, we designed a temporary distribution system that would ensure this important facility would have reliable, efficient power.

Our solution included:

The equipment we provided was not only delivered quickly, it was PLUG-N-GO, allowing for a speedy installation once it arrived on site.

In addition to sourcing the necessary equipment, Trinity also handled the shipping, freeing our client to focus on other aspects of the project.


The Result: A Fast Response Supports Front-Line Efforts

Thanks in part to Trinity’s fast response, expertise and large selection of distribution equipment, the facility was up and running expeditiously, allowing front-line health workers to begin the important work of testing and vaccinating right away.

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