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Location: Alberta
Project Type: Emergency Power
Industry: Emergency, Electrical Contracting

Trinity Solution Allows Commercial Tenants to Conduct Business As Usual

We’ve said it time and again: in business, time lost due to an outage is money wasted.

When the outage occurs in a commercial building with multiple tenants, the potential for revenue loss is multiplied, as is the importance of restoring power quickly.


The Client: An Up and Coming Electrical Contractor

In business for just under 5 years, this client is quickly developing a reputation for delivering high-quality services reliably. From their home base in Edmonton, they provide residential and commercial installation services across Western Canada.


The Challenge: A Flooded Electrical Room

On a Tuesday afternoon in Edmonton, a commercial building’s electrical room began to flood. As the water rose to reach the main bus bar, it tripped the main 2000A breaker, leaving the building and its several commercial tenants without power.

Our client contacted us looking for a quick temporary power solution that would provide power to the building as soon as possible while they worked to repair the damage.


Our Approach: Partnering With Our Client

Because our temporary power specialists are all journeyman electricians themselves, the Trinity team was able to work effectively with our electrical contractor client to determine the building’s power requirements.

Moving quickly, we sourced a 2000kW 480V diesel generator from Fort McMurray. We also provided a 2500kVA step-up transformer, a 3000A 600V I-line distribution panel with 13 I-line breakers ranging from 100A to 1200A and 300 pieces of 4/0 camlok cable in various lengths.

Finally, in order to save our client time and money, we handled the ongoing fueling of the generator for the duration of the project.


The Result: A 12-Hour Turnaround

The Trinity team received the go-ahead from our client at 8pm on Tuesday. By 8am the following morning, the equipment arrived on-site.

Thanks to our streamlined process and knowledgeable team, our client was able to restore power to the building quickly, allowing tenants to resume their business, and our client to focus on repairing the damaged electrical room.

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