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Location: Ontario
Project Type: Power Generation & Distribution
Industry: Emergency

Retail Emergency: Restoring Power to an Ontario Mall

In the retail world, where power is needed not only to keep the lights on, but also to accept payment from customers, time really does equal money.

So when an Ontario mall experienced an emergency power outage, the tenants — including a department store, a restaurant, a bank and several other retail outlets — needed an emergency solution that would minimize lost revenue.

Their electrical contractor didn’t waste time shopping around – they contacted Trinity Power for a quick, effective solution.


The Challenge: An Emergency Switchgear Failure

A switchgear failure at a Toronto-area mall could have spelled disaster. Containing over 25,000 square metres of retail space, the mall is home to 80 outlets.

When the failure hit, it took out 50% of the power to the mall, leaving dozens of tenants without the ability to welcome customers or process payment.

To resolve the problem, they called an up-and-coming local electrical contractor, who then turned to us.


Our Approach: A Collaborative and Flexible Turnkey Solution

Working collaboratively with the client, the Trinity team determined the best approach to the challenge. But the first solution wasn’t the final one. As the situation progressed, our client received updates, which altered the feasibility of the original solution, leading to several revisions.

But the Trinity team’s electrical knowledge and our well-stocked inventory allowed us to be light on our feet, and change direction quickly whenever new information became available.

In the end, Trinity provided a 1MW generator rental with cable, which fed into a 2500A breaker disconnect. From that disconnect, we fed two 1200A dialable breaker disconnects and one 250A breaker disconnect, which was connected to three separate points in the building.

This system allowed our client to bypass the damaged switchgear and provide power to the affected areas of the mall.

On top of solution design and equipment, Trinity Power also provided complete logistics support, including setting up safety fencing, providing on-site fueling and coordinating after-hours delivery to site, complete with a crane truck to offload equipment.

Design, procurement, delivery, and peripheral support – that’s how Trinity Power executes a turnkey solution.


The Result: Power Restoration Within Hours

Within three hours from the initial call, the affected areas of the mall were restored to power, allowing those retail outlets to go about their business as usual.

With the support of Trinity, our client was able to get the job done quickly and smoothly for their customer — the kind of service that sets a solid foundation for the a local EC’s reputation.

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