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Location: Ontario
Project Type: Generation and Distribution
Industry: Construction

Trinity Fills the Gap on a Switchgear Delay

New construction, with all its moving parts, is a complex undertaking. Because everything is so interconnected, one kink in the chain can reverberate all the way down the line. And when the kink in the chain is missing power equipment, the results can mean serious delays, derailed schedules and loss of revenue.

In order to avoid these serious consequences, the Trinity team is often called on to fill in the gaps when power equipment is delayed. This was the case recently during the construction of a new food services facility in Ontario.


The Client: A Sustainability-Focused Electrical Contractor

Located near Toronto, this client is a mid-sized Electrical Contractor with a new construction portfolio that includes industrial projects and large commercial buildings for major companies like Home Depot, Toyota and 3m.

Their focus on sustainability has led to completing several LEED certified projects, and their work has garnered a reputation for the company of delivering high-quality outcomes.


The Challenge: Delayed Switchgear on a New Build

Our client was providing the electrical contracting for the construction of a new food services facility when they hit a roadblock: the switchgear they needed to help power the building was going to be significantly delayed, on the scale of several months.

Needing a temporary power solution that would allow the facility to begin operations and start shipping product, the client contacted Trinity Power.


Our Approach: An Informed Team and a Large Inventory

A primary reason that this client chose to partner with Trinity was the fact that our team is comprised of journeyman electricians, so we were able to meet the client on their level.

Working with the client, we designed a solution that would power critical loads and fit within the project’s original timeline.

This solution included a 450kW generator rental and 1200A I-line panel with two breakers that would feed two more 1200A I-line panels located in different areas of the factory.

Each of these two panels had multiple breakers of different sizes to feed critical loads with varying requirements. This meant that Trinity provided 400A, 200A, 100A, 60A and 20A breakers on top of the other equipment.
And the equipment list didn’t stop there.

We also supplied a 75kVA power distribution centre to step down to 120/208, in order to provide regular lighting receptacles and construction site power for various tools and other applications.

In a separate area of the facility, we supplied a 200kW generator with cable to feed critical motor loads.

The Trinity team also handled shipping logistics, which, with so much equipment and generators going to two separate areas, involved multiple deliveries.

As the project progressed, Trinity was available to assist with extra equipment requirements, including cable mats and extra cable, as well as to provide ongoing support and generator maintenance.


The Result: Generating Revenue On Schedule

Thanks to Trinity Power’s comprehensive solution, construction was able to progress according to the original timeline, which meant the facility was complete and able to start generating revenue at the originally anticipated time.

The facility owner was happy, which meant that our client was happy too — and so were we. A hat trick for the Trinity team, right on time for hockey season.

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