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Location: Vancouver
Project Type: Shutdown
Industry: Oil & Gas

Powering A Scheduled Shutdown With a Unique Equipment Footprint

When sourcing the right temporary power equipment for a project, there are a number of factors to consider. While voltage and fueling requirements are two obvious considerations, another factor that often comes into play is the equipment’s footprint – the amount of space it will occupy on site.

That’s where Trinity Power’s extensive inventory and vendor network come into play — when the equipment has to not only meet load requirements, but also fit within very specific spatial parameters, whether it’s a small area, a challenging entryway, or an unusually shaped space.

This was the case on a recent project — a planned shutdown at a Metro Vancouver refinery. As usual, the Trinity Team was able to locate the right equipment for the job, space constraints and all.


The Client: An International Fuel and Petroleum Product Supplier

With business in Canada, the US, the Carribean and the Americas, our client operates within retail, commercial and wholesale channels as an independent supplier and marketer of fuel and petroleum products — the largest in Canada.

This client delivers fuel, propane, heating oil, lubricants and other products through an extensive network of partner suppliers and storage facilities across Canada.


The Challenge: A Scheduled Shutdown with Very Specific Requirements

Our client owns a refinery in Metro Vancouver, where they were planning a scheduled shutdown. They came to Trinity Power looking for the distribution panels required to supply power to critical functions during the shutdown.

The catch? They had very specific equipment requirements due to the footprint on site. Luckily, Trinity’s large inventory was up to the task.


Our Approach: Teamwork Meets Logistics Management

Working with our equipment yards across Canada, the Trinity team located three I-line distribution panels that would fit within our client’s specifications: a 200A 208V panel, a 400A 600V panel panel and a 1200A 600V panel, along with breakers of various sizes that would meet our client’s needs.

We also provided a 45kVA 480V-120/208V transformer with camlok connection.

Sourcing equipment from multiple locations requires coordination: each individual warehouse had to prep the equipment, and ship it internally to ensure that our client would have the equipment they required.

Trinity Power then arranged the delivery of the equipment to the site, ensuring our client received it when they needed it.


The Result: A Successful Shutdown, On Schedule

Thanks to Trinity’s comprehensive inventory, and our team’s coordinated efforts, our client had the equipment they needed to proceed with their shutdown on schedule. A timely, efficient shutdown means a quick return to regular operations.

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