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Location: Manitoba
Project Type: Power Generation
Industry: Electrical Contracting

Trinity Solution Keeps Remote School Running In Extreme Winter Temperatures

A common though unlikely-seeming effect of extremely cold weather is flooding. Without adequate heating, pipes can freeze and burst, causing significant damage to a facility.

When a remote Manitoba school experienced an outage due to flooding this winter, a quick response was needed to prevent further damage. Here’s how the Trinity team delivered a rapid temporary power solution.


The Client: A Well-Established Local Contractor

In business for over 20 years, this client provides electrical and mechanical contracting for customers in Winnipeg and beyond. The services they offer include commercial lighting and electrical, new construction, service upgrades and more.


The Challenge: Extreme Cold and a Damaged Electrical Room

A school in a remote area of Manitoba had experienced an outage due to flooding in the electrical room — a situation that was going to take weeks to repair. However, in order to avoid further damage from the extreme winter weather, including frozen pipes, the school needed to keep its boilers running. Our client came to Trinity Power looking for a temporary power solution that would be delivered quickly to allow the school building to keep things running while the electrical room was repaired.


Our Approach: A Fast, Full-Service Response

Working quickly, the Trinity team was able to source a 300kW 600V generator, along with a 4700L fuel tank. We handled the logistics of delivering these items along with 200 feet of camlok cables to the remote location. Trinity Power also managed the fuel service, ensuring the optimal amount of fuel was available during the time the generator was running.


The Result: A Solution That Moves Things Forward

With the generator provided by Trinity Power running smoothly, the school building was able to avoid further damage from frozen pipes, and our client was able to turn their full attention to repairing the electrical room and restoring the facility to utility power as quickly as possible.

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