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Location: Ontario
Project Type: Power Generation & Distribution
Industry: Emergency

A Temporary Standby Generator Requires an Unusual Transformer to Operate

When a temporary power solution calls for a rare or unusual piece of equipment, Trinity’s Power Broker Model is often called on to save the day.

Our relationships with our vendor partners give us access to high-quality temporary power inventory across North America. This allows us to source unusual or in-demand equipment that would otherwise be very difficult to obtain.

A recent project at a water purification plant with an uncommon voltage requirement showcases our Power Broker Model in action.


The Client: An Experienced Power Systems Company

Founded in 1985, this client provides permanent and rental generators and temperature control systems for applications across Canada.

The three pillars that form their foundation are superior customer service, social responsibility and innovation. Building on this foundation, the company has become a leading supplier of standby generators, employing over 200 people at locations throughout Ontario and Quebec.


The Challenge: A Failed Standby Generator and An Unusual Voltage

A water purification plant in Canada’s capital city had lost the use of one of its standby generators due to a damaged piston, and had contacted our client to provide a temporary 1500kW 480V replacement. The catch? The plant had a high-resistance 2400V Wye system – a highly uncommon voltage for rental generators.

With the lead time for parts for the permanent generator estimated at six months, the plant needed a standby solution that would allow them to operate safely in the meantime.

Looking for a transformer that would allow their temporary generator to work with the plant’s voltage, our client came to Trinity Power.


Our Approach: Shipping a Rare Transformer Across the Border

Working with our vendor partners, the Trinity team sourced a rare 2500kV 480V-2400/1385V Wye transformer from Pennsylvania. We also handled the complexities of the cross-border transport, as well as contracting a third party to hipot test, inspect and certify the transformer for use in Canada.


2500kV transformer

In addition to the transformer, Trinity Power also provided six 100 foot 15kV rated cables.


The Result: Clean Water and a Failsafe Facility

With our client’s temporary generator and the transformer and cable sourced by the Trinity team, the water purification plant was able to maintain its operations while the permanent generator was repaired — without the risk of an outage

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