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Location: Ontario
Project Type: Power Generation & Distribution
Industry: Construction

Trinity Solution Powers a Remote Ontario Work Camp

Many exploration, oil and gas, and construction projects are carried out in remote areas, far from any towns or accommodation options. For companies undertaking this kind of remote work, having a comfortable, functional and safe camp to house their workers is essential.

And to keep those camps heated, well-lit and safe, a reliable power system is key.

A client we assisted recently specializes in building and running remote workforce accommodations. They reached out to us to provide the equipment and expertise they required to power a temporary camp they were building in a remote area of Western Ontario.


The Client: An Expert in Remote Workforce Accommodations

With over 30 years of excellence and service under their belt, this facilities management and operations company builds and installs remote tailored camps in even the harshest conditions. The services they offer cover the full spectrum of work camp requirements, from project management, to installation and logistics, to catering and operations.

They know that well-built accommodations are critical for attracting and retaining good workers, and that is exactly what they provide.


The Challenge: A Remote Work Camp In Need of Power

Our client was building a temporary work camp in rural Western Ontario. In order to provide heating, light and other essential functions at the camp, they needed a reliable, efficient and rugged temporary power solution.

They called Trinity Power because they wanted a temporary power partner that could handle the challenging logistics and work collaboratively and knowledgeably with their on-site electricians to deliver a cost-effective solution.


Our Approach: A Straightforward, Best-Fit Solution

The Trinity team got to work as soon as the call came in, to design a fail-safe temporary power solution that would ensure the camp had reliable power in the face of inclement weather or other unforeseen challenges.

To that end, we sourced a 275kW 347V/600V diesel generator as well as a standby generator of the same size. We also provided a 400A automatic transfer switch and a 1200A distribution panel, along with camlok cables to connect all the equipment.

The system would not only generate and distribute the power the camp required, it would automatically switch over to the backup generator if the prime generator failed, ensuring that the camp would not go without power in the case of an outage.


The Result: Timely Completion and Worry-Free Power

Working closely with our client and their electrical contractor, we were able to provide the equipment they needed, on schedule to have the camp ready for service when the client needed it.

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