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Location: Manitoba
Project Type: Backup Power
Industry: Electrical Contracting

Trinity Provides High-Tech Backup Power for Large Office Building

From “smart” TVs to refrigerators that you can control with a phone app, remote-controlled and automated technology is everywhere – including the temporary power industry.

At Trinity Power, we strive to stay on top of industry trends and to maintain close relationships with our vendors. So when a client came to us recently looking for a backup power system that could be set up to be operated remotely, we knew exactly where to look to find the best solution for the job.

The Client: A Power Provider for Nearly 100 Years

In operation since 1923, this client is the largest Kohler dealer in Canada. They provide on-demand, reliable power solutions for a variety of applications across the country. From government to healthcare, communications to residential sites, this client offers quality, reliability, excellence, and customer satisfaction in all of the projects they take on.

The Challenge: Replacing a Backup Generator

Our client had been asked to replace the backup generator at a large office building in Manitoba. Because the building could not lose power under any circumstance, maintaining redundancy in the system was crucial.

That’s when our client called Trinity Power – to provide a temporary backup system while they did the work of replacing the old generator.

Our Approach: The Latest in Power Technology

One of the reasons that this client reached out to us is the quality of our equipment. We carefully select and maintain every item in our inventory to ensure that it is safe, working optimally, and equipped with the latest features. And we partner with vendors who do the same.

Our client needed a generator rental that could be connected to the building control panel to be monitored remotely. They also needed a transfer switch that would automatically energize the backup generator to power critical loads in the event that the main power system went offline.

Thanks to our extensive vendor partnerships, we knew who to call to locate the 500kW generator our client required. We also supplied a 1200A automatic transfer switch from our own inventory.

The Result: Peace of Mind and a Quick Start

Whether or not they end up being used, backup generators offer peace of mind — just as they did for this client.

And because we were able to source the equipment right away, the client was able to get their project off the ground quickly and efficiently, knowing that work at the offices in the building would be able to carry on as usual for the duration of the upgrade.

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