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Location: Alberta
Project Type: Power Outage
Industry: Emergency

When Backup Power Fails: A Trinity Solution Bridges the Gap

While having a backup power system in place is almost always the right call, it is especially important at sites where outages could lead to significant losses. Data centres, food processing plants and other locations where an outage would mean damaged equipment or lost inventory are a few examples.

Even more important are sites where health and safety hangs in the balance. Hospitals, for example, usually have very robust backup power systems, because losing power can mean the difference between life and death. With their vulnerable residents, nursing homes fall into the same category.

That’s why, when the backup power system at a nursing home in Alberta failed to kick in during a power outage, they needed a temporary power solution to get things back up and running until utility power could be restored.


The Client: A Trusted Power Systems Services Company

In operation for over 30 years, this client specializes in the testing, commissioning and maintenance of high, medium and low voltage power systems.

Because they use the latest test methodologies and equipment, and hire only certified technicians, this company has developed a reputation for delivering high quality, trustworthy work.

Their aim is optimize their clients’ power system equipment and increase the safety of their personnel, plants and equipment, all while meeting those clients’ budgetary requirements.


The Challenge: An Outage and a Failed Backup System

When a storm caused an outage at a nursing home, the backup system that should have come online automatically, didn’t.

With the utility working on restoring power, and with their backup system now being serviced, the facility, which houses an elderly and vulnerable population, needed a temporary power solution to fill the gap.

The facility operators reached out to our client because they knew they could handle the situation, and our client, for the same reason, reached out to Trinity Power.


Our Approach: Sourcing a Quick Solution From Our Wide Inventory

Thanks to our power broker model and the breadth of available inventory in our yard, Trinity was able to source all the equipment that our client required on hand.

We delivered:

We also handled the shipping, ensuring the equipment was delivered promptly to the site.

This solution not only provided temporary power for several hours until the utility was able to restore power to the nursing home — it also acted as the backup power system while the facility’s existing system was repaired.


The Result: Restored Power and Peace of Mind

Trinity’s solution bridged the gap as the utility worked to restore power to the residence. It also ensured that the facility’s management could be confident that they had a functioning backup system available so that the scenario they had just encountered would not happen again any time soon.

This project was a prime example of how the right temporary power solution can provide relief in the moment, and peace of mind down the road as well.

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