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Location: Northern BC
Project Type: Equipment Failure
Industry: Construction

A Temporary Substation Keeps a Construction Project On Track

With so many moving pieces, large commercial construction projects require careful planning to stay on track. But even meticulously managed jobs aren’t immune to unexpected roadblocks. Equipment failure n general is a reality — one that can seriously impact a construction project’s budget and timeline.

That’s where Trinity Power comes in. Our quick response and project-centred temporary power solutions have saved many client ventures from significant delays and added costs. This was the case recently, when a client experienced an equipment failure at their construction site in Northern BC.


The Client: A Family-Owned Major Construction Company

Founded over 70 years ago in Alberta, this client has grown into a North America-wide construction company with teams of experts operating across a wide variety of sectors, including mining, oil & gas, infrastructure, forestry, communications, and many more.
Despite their massive growth over the past 70 years, this client remains true to the values it was founded on: honesty, safety, giving back and delivering excellent work.


The Challenge: A Failed Transformer and a Long Lead Time

Our client was overseeing the re-development of a mall in Northern BC when the unexpected happened: one of the transformers powering the construction activities failed, leaving the site without adequate power.

The client had ordered core and coil replacements to repair the unit, but the lead time was going to be three to four months. In the meantime, the work had to continue. They called Trinity Power.


Our Approach: Full Service on a Quick Turnaround

The Trinity team is no stranger to urgent equipment requests, so when this client called, we were able to move quickly and efficiently.

Thanks to our large inventory, we were able to source:

Within 24 hours, the team had prepped and loaded the equipment to be shipped from our Coquitlam location to the site.

We also handled all of the shipping logistics, including bringing in a crane to offload the 15,000 pound substation when it arrived on site.


The Result: Meeting Project Targets

Because of the Trinity team’s ability to source and ship the equipment so quickly, our client’s construction project was able to move forward, meeting target dates as originally planned.

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