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    Location: Ontario
    Project Type: Distribution
    Industry: Construction

    Digging Deep: Trinity Provides Custom Solution for a Tunneling Project

    When it comes to temporary power solutions, equipment that meets a client’s exact specifications doesn’t always exist. When that happens, our experienced team of technicians and temporary power specialists can work with the client and any other stakeholders to modify existing equipment. The result, as it was for one recent client, is typically a purpose-designed solution that saves them the cost of renting less-than-ideal equipment.


    The Client: An Established Tunneling Company

    From their beginnings as a plumbing company in 1950, this client has grown into a North America-wide tunneling company. The services they offer now range from tunneling and microtunneling to foundation work, slip lining and open-cut construction. Their excellent reputation is built on consistently delivering high-quality, innovative solutions on time and on budget.


    The Challenge: Mismatched Voltage for Tunneling Equipment

    Our client was contracted to provide microtunneling services on a project in southwestern Ontario. They planned on using grid power to operate their tunneling machine. However, while their equipment ran at 480V, the utility power they had access to was 600V. They reached out to Trinity Power to help them source the best transformer for the job.


    Our Solution: A Custom-Modified Transformer

    Trinity supplied a 1000kVA 600V-480V Transformer with with a 1600A breaker disconnect to step the utility power down from 600V to 480V. Working with the utility company, the Trinity Team also added CT and PT compartments and a metering cabinet in order to meet the electrical utility’s requirements. We were also careful to ensure the modifications would meet our client’s needs.


    The Result: The Right Solution Without the Hassle

    Thanks to the Trinity team’s custom solution, not only did our client save time and money — they also saved the hassle of trying to source and build their own solution. And because we were able to work to their timeline, they were able to keep their project on schedule.

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