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Location: Fox Creek, AB
Project Type: Commissioning
Industry: Oil & Gas

Trinity Power Delivers At Remote Hitic Energy Project In Spite of Obstacles

Limited road access and challenging weather conditions couldn’t stand in the way of Trinity Power’s delivery of vital temporary power equipment to a remote oil and gas reactivation project in northern Alberta.

The company running the project is a Calgary-based junior oil and gas company that focuses on “sustainable petroleum energy resource production,” primarily in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin (a sedimentary basin that underlies a large area of Western Canada).

The company is responsible for the purging, commissioning and startup of the oil battery, which is on a remote site with poor road access that does not yet have line power, but that does have access to on-site natural gas. The company commissioned Trinity Power to deliver equipment that would provide the power they needed to operate the site.

Due to the poor road access and freeze-thaw weather conditions, all deliveries had to be made in the mornings while the ground was still frozen, prior to daily scheduled road closures. In order to ensure that the client received the equipment when they needed it, Trinity had to carefully manage the logistics involved in the deliveries.

Those deliveries included a 1000kW diesel generator along with a 1000kVA 480-600V transformer to feed directly into the existing motor control centre. They also included three 300kW natural gas generators designed to run on natural gas supplied from the site, which were delivered a week later. These were synchronized and paralleled prior to energization.

The power generation at the site will roll out in two phases: in the first phase, the client fired up the diesel generator to bring the plant live. For the next phase, the natural gas generators are standing by, ready to go as soon as the on-site natural gas is ready for consumption (it is currently being de-moisturized).

Thanks to Trinity’s attention to detail in the delivery of the equipment, our client was able to focus on the many other aspects of reactivating the facility.

With the diesel generator supplied by Trinity Power, the site was up and running quickly. Once running, the natural gas generators will allow the facility to operate using the natural gas supplied on-site rather than having to truck diesel in every day; a self-sufficiency that will help the company save big on fuel.

All of this adds up to our client keeping their commitment to fiscal responsibility and to building and maximizing value for their shareholders.

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