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Location: House Mountain, Alberta
Project Type: Generation & Distribution
Industry: Oil & Gas

Trinity Power Delivers a 4.96 MW Power Generation Solution

True win-win stories are a rare find, but the ability to provide a gas flaring alternative for an existing plant while also solving an operational problem for its owner certainly counts as a prime example. This was the scenario Trinity Power recently played a key project role for one of Western Canada’s top oil producers.

That producer was facing a challenge at its oil & gas property in Alberta: what to do with the natural gas that was being extracted along with the oil that was the field’s primary target. In some cases, this excess natural gas is simply burned (or “flared”). Fortunately, the property is connected to local electricity distribution grid providing an alternative to flaring by producing electricity that could be sold into the grid.

Trinity Power became a critical member in the team that helped to bring this plan to life in just four months. Our client, the owner and operator of 13 independent power plants across Canada, developed the project, and brought Trinity on board to help facilitate the project, including supporting design and engineering, sourcing the electrical equipment – including four natural gas fired reciprocating engines with a combined capacity of 4.96 MW – to managing the on-site logistics of equipment delivery, installation and commissioning.

“Trinity Power was the only company that could provide us a cost-effective solution to be delivered in the fast time frame needed,” says Geoff Lester, ATCO Power’s Director of Distributed Generation. “They were amazing.

The video above shows how Trinity Power and ATCO Power were able to effectively find a solution for this site’s excess natural gas.

Job Site Pictures - Oil & Gas Plant
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