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Location: Canada Wide
Project Type: Generation and Distribution
Industry: Events

Trinity Power Team Strikes Nationwide Sporting Event

It’s a world-class sporting event that is stretching across the entire nation of Canada, captivating soccer fans around the globe from early June through early July. Sure, Trinity Power’s team will be following the action, too, but we’ll be doing it knowing that it’s our temporary power equipment and knowledge helping to ensure television viewers don’t miss a second of the action.

Map of Canada with pins of events sites.

With millions of television viewers in Canada and abroad – and millions of dollars in possible advertising revenues – the organizers of this once-every-four-years event wanted to ensure broadcasts can continue, even if the grid-supplied power is interrupted. They determined that a typical backup-power installation simply wasn’t insurance enough – instead, they opted to take all broadcast equipment off the grid, entirely, and use temporary power, instead, for broadcast operations.

A Burlington, Ont.-based electrical company is the contractor charged with managing temporary power across all six event sites, which include stadiums in Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Montreal and Moncton. The company turned to Trinity to provide the equipment and manage the logistics for getting all necessary equipment and cabling to each site – and back, once the final goal has been scored. As you might imagine, this has involved a planning effort of major proportions.

To start, each site has its own requirements for turnkey, tailor-made rental packages. Trinity’s temporary power specialists determined each stadium’s needs through thorough reviews of the facilities’ single-line electrical drawings. Trinity presented our client the right equipment solutions and our shop jumped into action, prepping and shipping gear to each site, often working with site contractors to offload and install the gear.

Most of the equipment being supplied is Trinity-owned – yes, we have that much equipment on-hand – and is being shipped from our B.C. and Alberta branches. The remainder is being sourced from our extensive supply chain, with procurement and logistics being handled out of Trinity’s offices. Once the equipment is onsite, we’re also managing fueling and other sub-contracted labour requirements. And, of course, we’ll also be taking care of the logistics required to clear the equipment out within a day or two of each stadium’s last match.

We’ll certainly be waving Canadian colours once the matches begin, but just being a part of the team involved in bringing the whole event to life has been its own reward, regardless who takes home a cup. Helping the rest of the world enjoy a trans-Canadian experience of this scale – well, it’s like scoring the winning goal.

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